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This is a brief description of the code contributed to OpenOffice.org by Giuseppe Castagno.

Being implemented now:

A digital signature OpenOffice.org extension, for XAdES signatures, a project not part of the vanilla OpenOffice.org distribution.
Development platforms used: GNU/Linux™. Verified in Windows™ as well.
Further information can be found on the project site: OOoXAdESSigIT.

Future contribution (still thinking about them, though)

None at this time.

Issue ,
new index generation features for Writer; available in OpenOffice.org version 3.0.

PDF/A-1, the PDF/A-1a version (ISO 19005-1:2005).

exporting PDF with relative hyperlinks; (and a few related proposal).

implementation of standard security protection for PDF files.

new features added to the PDF export filter, was very helpful to become confident with OpenOffice.org C++ source code.

Some proposed patches:


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